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Cartridge World Hard Drive Replacement Bundle


NCR Hard Drive Replacement ** Applicable to Virus / NCR "FULL" Hard Disk Drive / Failed Hard Drive with no NCR contract issue **

- FLAT FEE - includes: (1) 80 GB Hard Drive, (1) Endpoint Anti-Virus license (if needed), all tech services and shipping

NOTE: If NCR determines it is a failed hard drive and client is under NCR contract then this service is covered under support contract.

1. RIS sends the client (Next Day) a pre-formatted NCR 80 GB hard drive (Biggest NCR can provide) with a new Windows XP installation and all necessary drivers installed.
2. Client removes the old drive
3. Installs the new hard drive and boots up the computer.
4. RIS logs in remotely
5. RIS will work with the client to determine data transfer process.

NOTE: Every possible attempt will be made to recover data but RIS makes no guarantees or promises data can be restored. If data is permanently lost current Corporate database / settings will be inserted.


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Cartridge World Hard Drive Replacement Bundle

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