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RIS Promo Pro for V9


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In RIS Promo Pro you can create Promotions based on the Customers Bin / Scoring
(ex: Give VIP customers a global 10% off).

You can set Promo/BOGOs based on more specific criteria than Retail Pro standard Promo Pro:

- Vendor Code
- Item Last Sold Date
- Customer Mark fields
- Subtotal - Promos or BOGO's:
(Buy $500 worth of stuff, get $10 off) or (Buy $100 of anything in the cologne dep, get 10% off an Izod Polo)
- Tender Type
- More Advanced DCS filtering

Retail Pro Promotions can't perform discounts on the above fields or perform the discounts specifically mentioned.

RIS has made improvements in how you can set a discount to recur also.
For instance:

- FOR EVERY $100 that the customer spends, give them 10% off an Izod Polo. - If the customer spends $300, they can get up to 3 Izod polos at 10% off.
- Cash back - For every $100 spent (subtotal) give the customer $5 back as a discount. - They spend $300, they get back $15 as a global discount or off certain items.

In Promo Pro you can control whether you want to do manual discounting or automatic (apply manually through button click or automatically), in Standard Retail Pro Promo Pro you cannot.

Need to manage promotions over multiple locations or countries?? Then you need RIS Promo Pro as it's centrally managed promotions feature actually polls promotions out to stores - saving a lot of time and money!!

RIS Promo Pro can be modified and Standard Retail Pro Promo Pro cannot.
e.g. All of the changes above were custom requests.

Priced Per Inventory

RIS Promo Pro for V9

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